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A Brilliant Citrus Fragrance

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

My scent for work today is the dazzling and refreshing Bright Neroli by Ferrari. Far from being a company making only bargain bin fragrances suitable for 14 year old boys - and they do make those - Ferrari have some really great scents in their line up. This one is all about crisp, natural smelling citrus, airy florals and clean, pale woodsy tones.

Notes: petit grain, lemon, bergamot, orange flower, neroli, rosemary, sichuan pepper, vetiver, patchouli, ambroxide.

This scent has been unjustly typecast as an imitation of Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. Whilst it is undoubtedly a similarly fresh and soapy fragrance, a comparison of the two will expose big differences and may not leave you feeling that the Tom Ford Scent - at £162.00 for 50ml - is worth buying when the Italian car giant's olfactory champion can be had for just £22.99 on Notino here in the UK.

Soapy, crisp, fresh and clean with a gleaming effervescent mediterranean sheen - this Ferrari also has performance that Enzo Ferrari himself might have enjoyed. Fast and bold at the start but with enough stamina to see you through your day or night, Bright Neroli is the ideal choice for a citrus fresh scent with a soapy undertone that can be worn by men and women anytime, anyhow, anywhere. Exciting? Maybe a little bit. Innovative? No. Beautiful? Yes!!! I wear this one to work or the gym or getting out of bed and making breakfast in a grumpy mood more often than almost any scent in my collection. I also sometimes wear it on nights out and people notice it and say I smell nice - I believe that is known as a compliment!

I don't count those as the currency of fragrances but if you don't mind the odd one and would like to make a positive smelly impression on those around you the this is in my top 10 recommendations .... I think?! Yep... it is.

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