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Acqua di Parma - Chinotto di Liguria (2018)

The chinotto is a citrus fruit popularly used to flavour refreshing drinks in Italy. So what took Acqua Di Parma this long to release a chinotto fragrance?!

The latest in the the Blu Mediterraneo line of fragrances is available in 75ml and 150ml sizes priced at £66.00 and £98.00 respectively. As with the other fragrances in the series, Chinotto di Liguria highlights a particular note and a region of Italy. In this case the region is Liguria – a coastal area in the north west of Italy whose capital is Genoa.

These are the notes:

Top: Chinotto, Mandarin

Mid: Jasmine, Geranium, Rosemary, Cardamom

Base: Patchouli, Musk

The chinotto fruit is apparently somewhat sour and bitter, with some descriptions also saying it’s “bittersweet”. Not having smelled a real chinotto I can’t comment on the authenticity of the scent here but I can say that this one opens with a lovely fresh, vibrant and natural citrus blast with an undertone of smooth, fruity sweetness. The mandarin note is in keeping with a fragrance with an accent on the sweetness rather than sourness or bitterness of citrus fruits.

Chinotto di Liguria develops in a floral powdery direction with a highly agreeable jasmine note that will perhaps suggest femininity to many. Certainly, there is no masculine woody element to this one and the overall aura is airy, fresh, floral and soft. However, it is not so floral as to be necessarily a female fragrance and the very prominent citrus element keeps this one in the overpopulated unisex cologne category but with a charming and unique character of its own.

This is the kind of aroma that brings a smile to any face and would be perfect for a summer holiday signature scent. Vibrant, fresh and wholly enjoyable, as are so many from the Blu Mediterraneo line. Acqua di Parma are the masters of the olfactory dolce vita and this release is in keeping with that ethos. If I’m being picky, I haven’t yet decided if it’s quite as good as my favourites, Fico Di Amalfi and Ginepro Di Sardegna and it’s hard to judge performance from a small sample but the longevity and projection have been respectable on several wearings so far.

Certainly worth sampling for any Acqua di Parma fan and a welcome novelty in highlighting the relatively unknown fruit from a picturesque region of Italy. Try it if you can!

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