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Valentino Uomo Intense

There are so many men's designer fragrances being released now that it's almost ridiculous. Dior released Eau Sauvage in 1966 and didn't bring us another masculine until Jules was released in 1980. Nowadays the plethora of "Intense" and "Eau de Parfum" versions of already existing releases, not to mention the "Eau Electrique", "Cologne" and "Extreme" versions means a new flanker release seems to appear every time one visits a shopping centre. Thankfully, very occasionally, a flanker that is really good appears.

Today we'll be talking about Valentino Uomo Intense (Eau de Parfum. Released 2016.)

Notes: mandarin, clary sage, iris, tonka bean, black leather, vanilla bean.

The original Valentino Uomo Eau de Toilette from 2014 was a scent with a beautiful bottle and a great perfumer. Olivier Ploge took much from his masterpiece Dior Homme (2005) and added twists of hazelnut chocolate cream and myrtle to create a beautiful twist on the lipstick like iris theme which defined that classic.

In 2016 Valentino released the Eau de Parfum flanker Uomo Intense which copied the bottle shape of Uomo Edt but made it black, making it reminiscent of something you'd expect to find on Darth Vader's vanity table. This is a masculine sweet scent done right! Smooth, sexy black leather combined with Dior Homme-esque (mum’s lipstick) Freudian iris and a hint of dark chocolate. Uomo Intense is a smooth and sophisticated modern masculine fragrance that restores one's faith in the worth of modern designer perfumery. A flanker that improves on the pillar fragrance and which delivers more than respectable projection and sillage. I can't find an officially listed perfumer for this one but it certainly smells like a Polge creation.

Painting: Portrait of James Christie by Thomas Gainsborough (1778)

Opening with a burst of mandarin that is at once tempered by a dark chocolatey scent that always reminds me of a Terry's chocolate orange, Uomo Intense is an attention grabber. The famous iris note is very much present and fans of Dior Homme Intense and Parfum may find much to enjoy here. The leather note is dark yet smooth and the healthy dose of vanilla means this is a leather scent that is approachable, enticing and sensuous rather than rugged or animalic.

Detractors may say that this fragrance is too close to Dior Homme Intense to be taken seriously as a new olfactory entity in its own right. However, with many houses releasing Dior Homme-esque scents such as Prada's recent L'Homme and Givenchy's Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Parfum, Uomo Intense stands out as one of the most rich, opulent and seductive of the bunch. It may be a little sweeter than Dior Homme Intense but this is no dumbed down version. If you're looking for a modern, masculine, seductive, dark, crowd pleasing yet sophisticated scent then Valentino Uomo Intense should definitey be on your must try list.

Price: 100ml £68.47 50ml £47.18 on Notino UK

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